Thursday, November 19, 2009

A quick breath.

Deep breath, in, out. Feel better? I don't. Breathing DOES NOT fix everything. Everyone tells me it will. But it doesn't. I've had a rotten day. Feel just plum sad. I'm rather moody lately. I don't deal with stuff real well. Very snappy. I need a break. A few days to not worry about anything. Some time to think. Some time to rest. To have nice fellowship with someone who cares about me. But thats just a wish. I have no where to go. I'm a homebody. The only place I stay besides home, is the hospital. And to be honest, that would be a break, but I don't feel like being poked all the time so I think I'll stay away from there. I'm feeling down tonight. Not the lowest I've ever been. But lower then I've been in awhile. *Gabby

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