Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is Bobbi, this was taken on my 16th birthday.
Bobbi and I USED to be GREAT friends.
And I mean GREAT friends. we were inseparable that summer.
We had So much fun. Doing what teenaged girls do.
WE walked ALL over town.
Since we live in such a small town it was okay.
We even had our own language.
Seriously I've never had more fun then the fun I USED to have with Bobbi
One day Bobbi decided I was no longer "GOOD" enough to be her friend
Seriously. Who does that?

Okay so I have to be honest. I only posted this to try to get me out
of this "pity party". And it kinda worked.
Now I need to go finish cleaning.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Mom is gone for the night. AGAIN!
Its really getting old.
But whatever makes her happy!
Maybe I'll post again later
As I have a topic to talk about.

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