Sunday, November 29, 2009


I had some of the oddest dreams last night. They went from hiding from the police in a field of sagebrush because I was trying to sneak into the castle, to trying to kill all the bugs on the water slide, Being attacked by a lizard, putting coffee grounds in my managers shoes, and the list goes on. I'm sick, so I know that has something to do with it. But I don't usually remember my dreams, I remember my nightmares just fine though.

After my 13 hours of odd sleep, I awoke needing to take my medicine. Ate half of a turkey cranberry sandwich on a roll. Drank some raspberry iced tea and now I'm in my chair, under many blankets, in need of a nap. Maybe I'll turn NCIS on and sleep the afternoon away. Oh and I had a NCIS dream... It was odd. Very odd. Have a good day! *Gabby

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lipeco3178 said...

there is just nothing better than the combo of cranberry/turkey. next time also put stuffing in that sandwich.
ps. I want to run away once a, its becuase Im on day three of a nasty hormone headache. I just keep uttering 10 more weeks till baby...10 more weeks till baby...
Im thankful for blogs. and Dr Seuss. and Charlie Brown holiday specials...and sleep.