Thursday, November 5, 2009

When the world falls down

When the world falls down, life as we know it, just freezes. At least your part of the world. Everyone around you seems to be living as normal, but you can't understand it. In the midst of the trouble you are fine really. You're in survival mode and don't really think, you just do. But then when it's all over, and life starts to move again, you don't know how to react. You don't really want to react. You want your life back the way it was before, but you know that will never happen. There's too many scars, physical and mental. Slowly, you find a new way of life. Nothing feels right. Some days it hurts to live. But somehow, you find a way through. You may fall down and need to be carried through parts of the tangled mess called life. But there are people around willing to do that.

Today, I'm feeling sad. Don't really have a reason. Just sad. But tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I'll feel better. *Gabby

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Kellee said...

You know I was just thinking today the same thing only with death..Its so odd like someone that u love/care about dies your world is shattered but everyone else is fine and its like the world is still moving just not you.
So strange for me to understand.