Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay, does this gas station not look like it's stuck in the 80's?

There was a lot of this on the drive.....
I loved that this was the only cloud in the sky, slightly peeking over the mountain.
I am not a city girl, I do love the city, but my heart is here, in the fields and mountains.
I love how peaceful it all is. For part of the drive we'd pass a car maybe every 15+ minutes.
It really was wonderful.
I have many more pictures.
But I don't want to overload you. So I will do a few a post for the next few posts.
I found I love taking pictures.
Really love it.
I want one of those fancy smancy cameras.
But, knowing me, I'd break it.
There were many things I wanted pictures of.
But didn't want the awkward "why are you taking a picture?" conversation.
My camera is not the best, but not awful.
Much better than my phone, anyway.
So, like it or not, I will be taking pictures and sharing them like crazy.

I have a scope next Thursday, July 1st.
The 2nd is the day we celebrate my birth, annually.
Also known as my Birthday.
But this year, or the last 18, have not actually been my 'birthday'.
I was only 'born' once....
Physically anyway.

Oh goodness!
I have many picture of 'horny toads'!
Big ones, little ones.
Oh, do I love them.
I love that the twins go out, daily, in the summer and catch them.

I don't know about you. But, I'm feeling different.
Summer. Vacation. Single. Again.
That may be it.
Last week, it was snowing.
I was in a relationship.
This week.
It's pushing 80.
I'm single.
And very okay with it.
Maybe too much?

I got to get away for a few days.
Out of Evanston at least.
That counts as vacation for me.
I will be doing it again.
I'm in College.
Nothing to tie me down.
Why stay put?
I will be adventuring as much as my body will physically let me.
With the way I can push on, that's a lot.
Not more days of just sitting around the house.
I'm alive once again.
I'm ready to attack the world.
Or at least the town.

There is a wonderful lake.
About 45 minutes away.
It has a nice little beach.
It's calling my name.
Can you hear it?
Maybe an overnight trip?
With some good girl friends?
Oh that sounds wonderful.
I will get right on that.

There are mountains, all around me?
Maybe a drive?
A lovely hike?
( I just reread that to find I had put hick instead of hike. Yeah, that's Evanston.)

Life is short.
Lets make it fun.
Real fun.
Sober fun.
Honest fun.

I'm gonna get off this computer.
GO play with my boys.
Maybe soccer?
Water balloon fight?
A nice walk?
All sound fun.

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