Monday, June 28, 2010


It's Monday.
If that doesn't say enough.
I worked.
For the first few hours with a bunch of U-16's
I don't like being a babysitter.
They don't know how to do their jobs.
Except Georgie.
I do love Georgie.
She came with me to get my tattoo.
Oh, I got a tattoo.
Last month.
It was interesting.
I love it though.

I will put a picture up.

I'm over it.
Not the tattoo.
But this mess.
Of life.

Oh the plus side.
The very plus side.
Rebekah will be here Friday.
Oh goodness.
I'm so very excited.
Just as excited as I was in December
When she came to Utah
For Christmas.
And then came here for a few days.
Silly me.
Only got one picture of her.
But this time.
Be prepared.
There will be many.

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