Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stupid ER....

Well, I spent my day in the ER, at least most of it anyway. From about 4-9pm. I went to work around 3pm, feeling yucky. Told the manager on floor I didn't feel good and would like to go home, she refused. I continued to work. About 330 I told her I was feeling worse and wanted to go home, she again refused. I continued to work. Everything seemed harder then usual. Hearing, speaking, standing. The room started moving. I started calling for Maggie(the other manager whom I LOVE but wasn't on floor.), then I hit the floor. I hate the feeling of passing out. The unable to do anything about it, the losing control of my limbs, the going blank. Then Maggie was right in front of me, helping me off the floor, telling the other manager to get someone else in my position. That's where it began. SHe called my mom, I obviously couldn't drive. I was white as a ghost, clammy, and disoriented. Mom came and got me. We debated on going to the ER, then decided to.

**** Guys, you may not want to continue reading as I'm going to talk about woman stuff****

Okay. I have problems with my ovaries, have for years. Cysts bursting, bad cramping, the whole works. So a few years ago, after the surgeon removed some cysts, he referred me to an ob/gyn. Who put me on the pill. It has helped tremendously, until the last 8 months, so in January my DR switched which pill I was on. First month, great. Second month, not so much. My DR wanted to try it for a few more months to see if things would regulate, they haven't. So all of that to say this: I had a normal period in May. Then 4 days later started again. Heavier then I've ever been. Well that was 23 days ago, I'm still on, heavy. So I figured that may have something to do with it. Thought blood tests would be a good idea. So to the ER we went. It really wasn't that bad. The DR I had, we didn't used to like, she once to my mom to shut up, but she has greatly improved her bedside manner. Oh, on the way to the ER my arm started going numb. Like when there isn't blood flow. Then it started aching. So because it was my left arm. The ran a bunch of heart tests. Luckily, because I fainted, I was place immediately in a room, they didn't want the risk of it happening again in the waiting area. But it was super busy. So after a good 5+ hours I am home, with no answers for anything. Which really stinks. But is good. I'm glad that it wasn't/isn't anything major, but still want answers.... You know?

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