Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not me.

I'm a little late with this post.
Yesterday was not great.
So I will post my Not me's today.

It was not me who found my puppy in the living room chewing on my very expensive bra.
My dog is very well trained and would never do anything of the sort.
It also was not me who argued with a co-worker for a good 5 minutes about whether or not they were going to make the food I needed.
I did not win.
It was not me who informed the manager that someone was giving out dead fries.
They did not get in trouble.
I did not feel a sense of satisfaction.
It was not me, and a few of my Co-workers that laughed hysterically after a little boy ran through lobby screaming "I have to poop!" and holding his bottom.
We are much more professional than that.
It is not me who is so excited I can't stand it that Rebekah will be here in 3 days.
Not me.

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