Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a bit

Just a bit,
out of my comfort zone.

But really. That's okay, I'll get through.
It's 1am. I'm awake :(. So now you get a post of my day.

It started with my morning post. Not so great. I went back to bed and slept for maybe an hour. But it was worth it. Got up and messed around on the computer. Fine whatever. Start getting ready for the day. I get a phone call, "gabby" "yes?" "I need you to come get us" "Uhm okay, why? Where are we going?" "Well, Drew fell and cut his eye open, its still bleeding and I need to take him to the ER!" "Goodness! I'll be right there". SO there I went, after taking my medication, which happened to already be 3 hours late. WHOOPS!

We spent 3 long hours in the stupid ER. Got the stupid DR. Once the DR finally came in we were gone in 20 minutes. Seriously, was that so hard. He didn't end up needing stitches. But did cut his eyeball and has a few ointments to put on it. Not the he will put it on! He's only 8 months! He already says Carter(big brother) Thankyou Momma Dada. He eat mainly table food, and nurses.
He crawls and pulls up on stuff and can stand on his own. Seriously he is amazing.

Then I was late to work. I had called and told them I would be. So It's going. We are having a rush for like 4 hours. We have two new managers, Which as one of my fellow employees said "I should get a raise for not having a clue what I'm doing too!" Well all was okay. I got along quite well with one of them. He actually told me something that made me feel really good about my work performance, he said he had heard about me, a lot about me. I panicked. What had he heard. I don't know, but it was apparently very good. The little big boss is very impressed with me and likes me a lot. The other one made me feel good then made me really mad. I was saying how I never work past 9 because I need my beauty sleep, everyone standing there was like, "you've already had more then your fair share"! Made me feel good. Then he knew what time I was supposed to get off and decided to let the person who was supposed to get off an hour after me off first so I was like 15 minuts late leaving. Goodness. I know it's only 15 minutes but it really bothered me because I had to drive to Park City after.

I finally got out of town around 940. Got here around 1045. I made real good time It should have taken closer to an hour and a half. I did NOT go 90mph(all the way). But I was very proud of myself, I did not text. I did however make a few phone calls. I called the Amazing Rebekah. First time we have talked on the phone in at least 7 years. It was good. She had to go finish her English paper so it was short.

I did touch someone today, but it's a personal thing for them so I will not be sharing it.


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