Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, I'm cold. I want to be in my bed, under my electric blanket. But instead, I'm blogging.

Some silly things that have been said/done to me at work recently.
Today, two men pull up to the window. The man in the passengers seat says "how tall are you?" Me " about 54" Man driving "wow you're small." WELL DUH. Did you need to know how tall I was to get that conclusion? Because I'm pretty sure you should have been able to figure it out by looking at me.

I'm stocking front counter, that involves moving boxes back and forth for the back. Well one of the men in the back stops me to say "you have something on your pants" Oh thanks I think, until I realize its on my butt. Gosh!

I was singing :) to this girl I work with, Sarah. I started dancing, and as I backed up got wacked in the head with a bucket of ice OUCH!

Next day, I'm working back drive. I slam my head on the window. Momentarily lose vision. As it returns the lady at my window is giving me the rudest glare. "Yes ma'am, I did that to make you late". Some people are just stupid.

I'm getting the food for drive through, this man pulls up and waves at me. I'm like who the heck are you? He keeps waving. I look to make sure no ones behind me that he could be waving at. Nope. I give him the Gabby glare. He start shaking his finger at me, UHM whose the creeper here?

There is so much more, I'm usually laughing while I'm there. I talk to myself a lot! Not on purpose, people just don't listen to me.

I've been all about listening to music lately. All the time. It helps keep me focused. So that I don't zones as much. I still do a bit, just not as much.

I'm off for at least 3 days. It will be nice. So maybe I'll have some interesting posts up in the next couple of days. :) If we get pictures New Years Eve. I will post them. Yeah, I know I say that ALL the time. One time I really will.

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