Friday, December 4, 2009

Now I lay me down to stay up all night.

Okay, yes I'm still awake. I'm really REALLY emotional. Seriously anyone have any good sleeping remedies? I could use some! Melatonin(SP?) doesn't work for me. Warm milk... Well besides sounding yucky, I have a milk allergy. I don't really know anything else to do. Well besides sleeping pills! Which I'm perfectly fine with.

I'm not gonna do a long random post tonight. I don't have the energy or thoughts. I will say, I'm lonely. Very lonely. Hardly talked to anyone all day. It's building up inside me. Not so great. But the people I did talk to were wonderful of course. Thankyou all.

Okay well, talk to me. That would be great. If you have my number text me, my email is on the sidebar. Do something. Really I'll probably be up forever and will need to talk about the weather. Hope you are enjoying your sleep. Goodnight again. *Gabby

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Debi said...

Oddly enough, one of the most consistently effective sleeping remedies I've found was the Ghostbusters soundtrack. Seriously. For several years, whenever I couldn't sleep, I'd put on that tape (yes, I'm that old) and be asleep within fifteen minutes.