Monday, December 14, 2009

Touching Others Challenge

Before I get into the story, sorry for the lack of posts, or interesting posts. I'm on my third day of an absolutely awful headache. I've spent most of it in bed, but I have to work soon so I'm up and about. Luckily today its not so bad I can't walk.

Okay so there is this homeless guy in town, I've seen him in the wal-mart parking lot quite a few times with a sign stating that he needs money. I'm always with somebody when I see him and say I want to stop and give him a little bit and they always say "It's his own fault". Okay seriously it might be his fault but really does it matter how he ended up that way? No! The facts are he is homeless, he needs money for food, it's Christmas time. Isn't Christmas about giving? That's not all it's about, but God gave us the greatest gift for Christmas. Shouldn't we be willing to give to anyone in need? So today I stopped and handed him the little bit of cash I had on me. His smile, oh his smile. It was humble and genuinely thankful. I wasn't expecting that. I don't really know what I was expecting, but that sure wasn't it. He said "thankyou ma'am and God bless". I was humbled. (as I drove away I remembered that I had a church track in my purse that I should have given him too. maybe next time). I got to the stop sign and started to cry. He this man who has nothing, has more joy then me? How is that possible? I may be sickly, I may be having a rough spell. But I have a warm house to come home to and food to eat when I'm hungry. I have the privilege of knowing the Lord and Savior. What else can one ask for?
Really, I've never been touched like that. Or had someone provoke so much thought with such few words....

Why am I telling you all of this? Well partly because I tell you everything, but mainly because I want to challenge you... Yes a challenge. Touch someone, not physically. Touch their heart, their soul. And after you do, blog about it and leave a link to this post. Lets see how many people we can get involved in this! Also leave a comment here with the link to your post! If I knew how to set up Mr.Linky, I would just do that. But I don't and don't have the time to figure it out.

What you do doesn't have to involve money. It can be a few encouraging words to someone in need of encouragement.

Hey great idea, lets make it a twelve days of Christmas thing. It can be to the same person every day. Or different people. Tell everyone! Lets try to make this Christmas the best Christmas for everyone in our lives.

We can do it!


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