Thursday, December 10, 2009

NightS like this

Last night, well it was awful. Not the whole night. Just the wake up part of it. The dream. Oh the dream. It's left me in a funk. I've broke down crying a few times today, over this stupid dream. It really freaked me out!

It started just fine, I was in a house with my sister. I've never actually been in this house, except for before in my dreams. So we are exploring or something I'm not really sure. SO we go into this room that was apparently my room when I was alive and I in my dream was my granddaughter. So we are trying to figure out the clues that the old me left for the young me. So I try to turn off the Ipod I'm listening to, except when I take it out of my ear I can still her the music. One of the songs from Ghostbusters. I really did have my headphones in so I think that's where that came from. But then we look up and the DR who did all the mess up surgery on me is standing there smiling with a knife in his hand. I try to runn but I can't. Then I wake up screaming.

I'm still trying to recover.

So today, I'm not doing so great, but really what can you expect after a night like that?

Okay, I'm off to get out of this silly house and try not to think. *Gabby

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