Sunday, December 20, 2009

No Pictures!

I tried to post some pictures, but again, it wouldn't work. :( So now I will just write a long boring post!

I'm kinda blah today. I have been for about a week I've had major headaches pretty much everyday. It's not so great. Excedrine doesn't even take care of them. Some time's I'm able to just carry on, others I go to bed with a cold rag on my face. One nice thing is I can sleep when I'm in pain. It's what I do. As long as I'm in pain when I fall asleep. If the pain starts when I'm asleep then I wake and can't sleep.... I have this weird rash on my knee. When I put any kind of lotion on it, it spreads. Great right? I actually have a couple of them. That one is just huge..... I have a big sore on my lip, it looks infected. Years ago, I had one, ended up in the hospital from it. The sweeling was going to the back of my head and they were afraid it would go into my brain. So for close watch and iv antibiotics I stayed overnight in the hospital. I have pictures. But my computer is stupid and won't upload them. So until I figure it out therer will be no pictures. Sorry! I will call the Doctor tomorrow to get an appointment for Tuesday for all these problems! Cool little note, I will call the Doctor on her personal cell phone and she will personally set up the appointment. It's great really... I love that my Doctors love me so much.

The rest of the health news- I see the surgeon Tuesday to try to work out some stomach issues. I've been having a lot of pain lately. In my stomach, its been awful today. Probably 20 times for 5 minutes each. It's enough to drive me up the wall... I've been having horrid amounts of nausea. Awful really... I've lost almost 20lbs :(. I'm hoping that he doesn't decide I need a tube of any kind on Tuesday. That would not be exciting. Though If I had to I would hope for a NJ tube. The others require being poked or cut. I don't really want that just before Christmas. But I guess Whatever happens happens. Though now that I think about it, having something shoved down my nose doesn't sound great. The first time it happened was awful. The opening to my stomach wasn't big enough for the tube to go through. It was awful, they didn't know why it wouldn't go through at first so they sent me to my room with it only halfway in. I started to gag not long after we got up there. The tech was nice and just pulled it out. I do love Jes! Her and Whit(guy) are my 2 favorite Techs. Which is what a CNA is called at Primarys.

Okay now that I've talked about medical stuff I will talk about funner stuff. My friend Rebekah is in Utah. I haven't seen her for years and will hopefully get to see her Tuesday after the Doctor. :) Hi Reb!

The Grandparents stopped by today, yearly visit. It lasted less then 2 hours. But it was still nice to see them. So my whole family was here all day. My niece emily laid on the couch with me and sang. It was adorable. She's 5. She was trying to sing Christmas songs. Hilarious. She sang "silent rice, holy rice" and "on the next day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five missing cows." then I don't know what she was trying to sing but the words were " we're not black and we're not tall, but we're still persons". I was bustin' a gut! She is so funny. A few years ago, her dad was asleep, she went up and opened his eye and said "dad is that you?" Hilarious.

I found a bunch of old pictures. Brought back a lot of memories! Mostly good.

Well I'm done now, have a good night. *Gabs

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Emily sounds like a lot of fun!