Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why am I annoyed?

Annoyed? Yes. Why? Well there's not just one reason. I'm annoyed with ignorant people that come to McDonalds. I'm annoyed with ignorant people everywhere. Luckily none of you are ignorant. So I'm not annoyed with my blog. I'm annoyed with smiling at people and saying "have a good night". Really, if the person at the drive thru window doesn't tell you to have a good night are you going to have a bad one? No, you don't really care or pay attention. I'm annoyed with being cold, yes I do know that I live in Wyoming, and that its winter. But still seriously Annoyed.

MOM talked to Dr.Downy this morning and my appointment is Tuesday. I talked to the other Drs nurse and she said to wait it out a bit and see. SO thats the plan right now. I'm super tired so this is short. Goodnight*Gabby

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