Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah We Meet Again!

Goodness. Today has been awful. Mainly because I fell. It hurt. Once again that cold ice chilled my body. I hit my head pretty hard. But haven't shown any signs of a problem, except my puples being slightly different sizes. I have a horrid headache, my elbow it bruised and sends pain to my shoulder anytime I move it, my knee is black and swollen, my back is sending pain down my legs, and my ankle is cut and bruised. So I am in my chair with a hot pack on my back. Ibprofen in my system. And thinking healing thoughts.

I start college in less then a week. Am I nervous? Surprisingly, no. I'm more anxious.... I want it to come so I can figure out how to work my schedule. Figure out how to do college. I need to figure everything out.

I hurt. I'm gonna stop here. Goodnight. *Gabby

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