Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too Many!

3 People is too much for a TWIN bed. I found this out last night after the party which I will cover also. But I was the oldest and was refusing to sleep on the floor. Fair right? So I go in the bed. Well on of the other girls who is about my size didn't want to sleep on the floor either, okay 2 isn't bad. Then the persons whose bed it was decided she wasn't going to sleep on the floor either. Okay, thats a bit too much. I slept in a crack between the wall and the bed. I doubt it was even 5 inches. I am very sore today. I have an awful headache.

So my friend Courtney, well her little sister just turned 16. So we threw a surprise party. When I say WE I mean I showed up. She was very surprised and loved it so that was good. I was hit on by a freshman. I watched a bunch of freshman dance like idiots. That was great. I even danced some myself, and probably looked like an idiot too. After spending so much time with high schoolers, I'm in need of some adult time! Not to mention I'm exhausted! I took a nap by myself in my bed but I still feel tired as it was very short.

Maybe I'll post later, *Gabby

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