Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not ME Saturday?

I know MckMama does not me Monday, and I'm so not gonna steal that from her I just had a funny not me to share and didn't want to wait tell Monday. So I would love if you posted in some comments something funny that you "didn't do" this week. Just this once!

It was NOT me you saw walking out of Wal-Mart in her jammies, when stopped by a man at the door who asked if I "had a light" I did NOT pull out my Quacking light up duck keychain and say sure do! That is so not me. I'm not so innocent that I didn't even realize what he meant until he held up his cigarette. Nope NOT ME!

But if that had happened I probably would have sat in the parking lot for ten minutes laughing so hard I was crying. Yeah, I would do that. *Gabby

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