Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well I'm having some problems. Healthwise. So Monday morning I will be calling to get a Dr appointment. Yay. NOT. I think I have ear infections too. POOP! So that will be a different Dr. And I should have a CT sometime. I'm really just not looking forward to this. Oh and I have and eye Dr appointment Monday. All this, a new puppy*, and 11 hours of college classes that I will most likely have homework from. Hmm this should be a good week. :(

*I AM going down tomorrow to get my puppy. I know I've said that a lot. But I'm trying to keep positive that I will go. We are leaving the twins home with a sitter. Which I'm so excited about. So two of my sisters are gonna come with us. Which will be great.

I'm thinking its time to hit the sack, catch some z's. Or maybe I'll just go to bed.

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