Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I was annoyed.

When I got on blogger this morning none of the blogs I follow were showing up. So I was annoyed. But now they're back, so I'm in a better mood.

There is a slight possibility that I may get the puppy Monday instead of the next Friday! Which would be great. I bought him a shirt... It is WAY cute. I can't wait to get him. I'm gonna make his dog bed out of a Hospital pillow. So I will be able to wash the cover. And of course I'm going to make him a blanket. Every puppy needs a blanky right? :)

I went to orientation tonight, for college. It was interesting. Mainly about online classes. Which I'm only taking one and it doesn't start till the end of March, so I will most likely forget all that I learned tonight by then.

I don't really have much to blog about. I hurt, a lot. It makes life hard. But I guess it will be like this forever so I better get over it. Right?*Gabby

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Nicole said...

you dont know this pain is forever...