Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My first night of college went well. The class was Psychology. I loved it. I think its going to be my favorite class this semester. I don't have homework. Won't ever. If I feel like reading ahead it is a good idea but not required. I won't have to write a research paper.(Yay) The instructor is very laid back and fun. I'm really happy with this. I think I will do just fine. He wasn't even going to have a final exam, but the college is making him. Oh well. It will be fine. I have algebra tomorrow. I will try to post after that. That one is only a 2 hour class, and will be done at six. So I won't be up so late posting. I'm not so great at algebra, but hopefully I'll do okay.

Needless to say, with a full college load, a part time job, and a soon to be new puppy. Plus having to exercise every day, you might be seeing even less of me. I take forever to get a post up. Really sometimes 5 hours. So I won't always have time for it. I promise at the very least once a week though. If I don't post then somethings happened. I will probably post Fridays as I don't have class or work. Just Tx and I usually have a lot to say after that.

I'm hoping to go down Saturday to get my puppy. If the weather allows. Which I hope it does. I'm getting very antsy waiting. He is gonna be so big by the time I finally get to see him.
(as he will be 6-7lbs full grown... Maybe not so big.)

I'm silently having a freak out. They shouldn't allow me on the Mayo Clinic website as this happens all the time. That spot on my lungs, well it's almost been 2 weeks. So that means almost time to get rescanned. I'm already nervous about this. Well smart me decided to look up the symptoms of lung cancer. Well I have a few. -Chest pain- shortness of breath- weight loss- bone pain- headaches-. Yeah, that's more then a few I guess. So I'm not so great. Uplifting thought? Anyone? Please? *Gabby

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rabidbutterfly said...

I'm not all that great at uplifting comments, but if it helps at all you're not the only one who freaks out. I read a blog about a child with Lukemia a couple of weeks ago, then this week my youngest woke up with a fever and a headache...I was SURE it was Lukemia. Called my husband crying. All I can say is to keep your chin up, and stay busy! Good luck!