Thursday, January 7, 2010


I wrote this long post last night, after I published one with nothing in it, sorry. But I again fell asleep before I got it up. And for some STUPID reason blogger didn't save it. So You don't get to hear my thoughts last night. Boy were they good! :P

Well I've had an yucky day. It started last night when I notices about 6 bruises on my arm. No idea how I got them. So mom took a picture and sent it to the Dr this morning. She asked all kinds of questions, then decided she wanted labs done. So off I went to the hospital. Got poked. Who likes to be poked? Goodness NO ONE... I hope. Then I came home and sleep. Until 5. Labs came back okay I guess. This is the puppy I'm going to get. Isn't he cute! Right now his name is going to be Yoda. Haha family thing. And its from Starwars. I just think its good. But it may change. I am SUPER excited about this. I just found out tonight that if I get A Doctors note saying I need a dog the landlord can't question it or charge me the $500 deposit, I'm all for this. Courtney thinks it will help give me some purpose. I think so to. And the fact that I'm so excited about it. Well its lifted my mood tonight. Which is always a good thing.

It costs $350. Which I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get it. But It will work! It has to work!

Well my computer i about to die. So this is the end! *Gabby

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