Monday, January 11, 2010

Day at the ER!

AH! That's how I feel. You all are probably wondering about yesterday. Well honestly. So am I!
My mom woke me up that morning to go to Church. I usually wake up on my own. She came in and I could hardly move or breathe. So we decided that we weren't gonna go. I went back to sleep. About 1pm I got up still in pain, still couldn't breathe. Texted the DR she said to go to the ER. SO we went. They did blood test's. Chest x rays. And a CT Scan. Results? Not really anything. They think it's Pleurisy. A NO. It should last 2-4 days. I've had it 11days. Hmm doesn't fit. But something interesting, they found a "spot" on my lung. Don't know what it is, could be a scar, but it has never shown up before. So we are going to my regular DR tomorrow. I will update when I know more. I'm feeling awful. Need to get this computer off my lap!*Gabby

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