Saturday, January 2, 2010


What am I doing at 430am? Well NOT sleeping. I got up to get my Ipod that had been charging at 3 and it was gone.... Now I''m having a melt down. I need my music to sleep. The sound of the tv only works so long. It's time is up. Only thing I can figure is somebody took it, that urks me. So in the morning, maybe a little earlier then they would like, a few people in my house will be getting a wake up call for me! The only person I remember being in my room is my sister. SHe came up to get my nephews cup, I was downstairs. She very easily could have taken it. Which she's gonna get so much crap about. SO MUCH!!!! I'm gonna give her kids mountain dew at 10pm tomorrow as pay back if she took it!

I'm gonna turn music on one my computer and try to sleep for a bit before Rebekah gets her in 2 hours!*Gabby

Someone is vacuuming! Weird. I'm afraid to go check it out!

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